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The Angel of the Gargoyle

She was running, fleeing from annihilation, through a hidden path beneath the thick, millennial, sacred trees. She only was advancing. Where am I going? She wondered … The darkness became denser as the branches and roots. Then, she stumbles abruptly, hurting even more her muddy skin and tearing off her dirty clothes, scraps of worn fabric that almost did not resemble the one that was once a beautiful dress. Bare and sore feet. She had lost everything, even what others called sorcery. As she rose from the ground, above her head, the arms of the trees screamed, twisted, and opened with the wind; Letting see a blackened sky portion of dense clouds. Through their leaves, the branches let pass an enigmatic, grayish light transmitting calm and lighting up thousands of dew drops on the pale green, as if they were little lights of intense silver gleams that began to illuminate the darkness surrounding her.
The leaves that finally showed their autumn colors, swirled on the ground, while a single leaf, with five serrated points, caught her attention. Floated in the air, above the trees and her head. It cradled softly and at times abruptly, on an invisible forcé that intercepted it at every movement to keep it levitating. Seen from below it contrasted with that part of greenish grey cloud that glimpsed like an omen, fraught with storm.
She smelled the wet green in the distance. For a second, that seemed eternal, everything stayed immobile, in silence and with a bright of ancient magic. As he resumed her steps, the loud crash fell upon her, breaking her down with such a violent jolt that she felt her die from the most intense pain ever felt in her soul and body.
An energy of light passed through her with a hard blow that took her almost to her last breath, she felt open, torn. Then she could see without looking through all that fire around her, through that apparent destruction and instead of dying she was reborn. She knew there was something beyond. A new path uncovered before her. She stood up and with weary steps, began to walk through it, despite the fear of the unknown.
There was pain behind, she knew it. As she advanced, she thought, uncertainty …
Beyond, it could be different, said her deepest intuition.
Her attention focused in the soft and distance murmur of silence that whispered with some sounds, unknown for her… Ethereal. In a whisper she perceived a message in the oldest language, which she understood without even knowing.
“Lord Muddum will always be there, at the right time. He will speak and sing through you, emanating a strange beauty. Harmony made to give love, rejoice and calm, sacred gifts. You’ll just have to get to his temple.

There was an unexplored sector beyond the boundary drawn by the thick Forest.
The forest was made of thousands of trees, so close to each other, that they intertwined with their leafy branches and their trunks built passages as if it were a mortal labyrinth for anyone who dared to get lost in it. Inside it there were sectors so blurred that you didn’t know if it was day or night.
In a hidden place within this ancient forest, there was a clearing. It was a sort of idyllic garden. Its perimeter was surrounded by old trees, leafy, with leaves of beautiful autumnal colors. Only one tree that was strangely twisted on itself, with its trunk full of knots seemed to be the oldest of them all. It contrasted with the others for not having leaves, seemed lifeless. It was down to one side like a hunched torso, from whose back bare branches came out looking for a sky among the other tops of the trees. Another group of branches seemed to be its arms that extended towards the other side forming an archway, as if it were a lugubrious arbour that allowed to guess through her the darkness of those labyrinths of trunks that surrounded that Garden.
The garden was capricious, harmonious and beautifully adorned with shrubs of thin, twisted branches like those of the electric willows, which grew together from the center upwards, a meter from the ground and fell to the sides in a circle, Such as waterfalls, filled with small lemon green leaves and flowers like cherry blossoms in pastel colors. Some of these shrubs had white flowers, others had different shades of pink or different shades of yellow. Drops of dew glittered on its leaves and slided down its branches, like fountains of dancing water.
The ground was covered with leaves of different shapes, they were so many that it looked like a fluffy and multicolored mattress, It was as if thousands of tree species had left their mark there. Those leaves accumulated intact over time.
Everything shone strange, pleasant, resplendent.
The sky could be seen over that garden, was burdened with gray and white clouds. It had posed over it with a silvery glow like a storm looming.
In the center of this garden and just in a straight line with the bare tree, there was a pyramid of white stone, quartz-like, that changed its hue and brightness depending on the shadow and light as the clouds passed. It was small, one of its four sides gave only space to a double-leaf door in wood carved with strange arabesques. The door, with its two leaves closed, was one meter wide by two meters high, which made it look intimidating. But more intimidating was the figure that seemed to be made of another type of stone that perched on its top.The Figure wore a cloak carved in black stone emulating a heavy fabric that didn’t allow one to see its body. In some parts of this figure there were greenish stains that denote the passage of time outdoors. Its body under the cloak was guessed as in a position between crouching and lurking. The shape of its arms under its sleeve seemed to embrace the cusp of the pyramid, waiting and at the same time about to attack. Beneath the broad sleeves were fingers digging into the stone as if with fury. The cloak had a very broad hood that hid the true face between shadows, which seemed to be made of a stone lighter than the one of the cloak, in gray; While leaving its petrified eyes half-light, making it even more tenebrous. All the energy still of its body seemed to sprout through those eyes. Its head followed the invisible focus of its eyes, which pointed just at the foot of the door.
As a whole, it was an imposing and perturbing image. That figure looked like a guardian gargoyle of the pyramid, guarding that door as if it were the entrance to a crypt or a kind of portal towards something prohibited or allowed for very few.
A creeper, with a single branch full of leaves of five serrated ends, in reddish and yellow colors, came from inside through a crack in one of the leaves of the Door and rising upwards to the cusp, passed between the fingers and the sleeves of the figure and fell to the other side of the pyramid. It framed only this front, as if it was a garland, giving it an insolent contrast while at the same time softening the straight lines with its delicacy.
Everything was calm, too calm, except for that immobile and tense gaze of the gargoyle that seemed to devour the silence; A silence that seemed a prelude to chaos, in spite of so much stillness.
Suddenly the wind began to fidget, With a murmur that seemed like remains of whispered words, almost imperceptible.
One leaf of the creeper was detached gently, rose up to touch the gargoyle´s face in shadows beneath its Hood and then it followed the way up; it did it slowly as if it was a butterfly looking for where to perch until it was lost over the tree tops, beyond the limits of the clearing.
The wind became intense. The leaves that covered the ground swirled and pushed each other as if it were a choppy sea, with waves that were combining their different colors with each blow.
Echoes of whistling wind, which seemed whimpers, began to grow louder and louder from behind that door; as if traveling through empty spaces Inside this kind of crypt, until it hits the Wood, To filter through some cracks that could not be seen and pushing to leave Just where the gaze of that gargoyle was pointing; expectant, desperate.
In an instant everything was still, even the wind had stopped. A force like thunderbolt, fell behind that tree that formed an archway into the dense forest, reopening back there a more visible path and then expanded until it collided with the stone figure, wanting to go through it without success. It generated a mirage giving the sensation of moving the folds of its layer carved in the stone as if it were of true fabric, while its face remained immutable under the shadows and pressure of that energy.
At that moment, some wings hugged the gargoyle from behind, it was a translucent and luminous being.
The stone eyes gradually became wet, shiny and deep black that reflected the gray silver of the clouds. The sound of slow, deep inspiration accompanied a slight movement beneath the cloak that was husking revealing a heavy fabric. It seemed to be a sigh contained for centuries. He had awakened her and showed her a new destiny. The Gargoyle knew its essence, had been conceived to care for and protect. In spite of its defiant image, its base was the love. That luminous being told her that someone would come to her to awaken her forever, the gargoyle would know it when she will see in this someone the energy flow to the sacred. In the meantime she should wait.

A rustling of leaves was heard approaching from that new passage.
The woman in the dirty and worn dress had survived a cruel and unexpected blow, had a purpose. Her bare and injured feet could not stand another step, she had walked during suns and moons without even distinguishing them in so much darkness and not knowing where the new road was leading her. She no longer feared but she was exhausted.
Suddenly an intense light blinded all the shadows within that hermetic darkness.
In front of her a silver light entered through what looked like an arcade made by the dance of a bare tree. She went on believing she would die if she took one more step, While her eyes was making friends with the light. As she stepped out into the clearing, she breathed deeply, feeling hopeful, realizing she could have a new life. When at last her eyes adjusted to the clarity, she could see in front of her a pyramid with a form on it that she could not distinguish. As she was approaching she saw that the figure was wearing a cloak and a hood that showed some eyes, that those more than fear caused her intrigue. It seemed all of stone.
Slowly was moving closer, The floor was felt fluffly with leaves and very soft; she had forgotten the pain in her bare and tired feet.
Without taking her gaze from those eyes, she reached the foot of the door and stood still watching them. That Gargoyle seemed to look at her from above as if about to devour her, even so, she tried to see its face beneath those shadows.
Seeing that what was stone became alive, she paralyzed herself. She felt a sharp, uncontrollable shiver that shook her chest in panic. She watched as how that being jumped up there right in front of her with its gaze rested entirely on her eyes and she realized that the face of the gargoyle was slowly approaching its face to hers.
The light illuminated the shadows. The fear disappeared at the sight of those eyes and that face. Beneath the hood, the Gargoyle was a woman of exotic and intense beauty who looked up to her soul with those black eyes until she shudders her. Any other being would have shuddered with terror, Nevertheless she felt an inexplicable attraction so strong and pleasant that she could not even understand what it was. She simply felt the attraction and kept quiet. The gargoyle approached her so close that almost her lips brushed against hers with her breath, a breath that calmed her chest and filled her with ecstasy. Staring at her that way, she knew she was there to guide her and protect her on the road ahead. She felt only an immense love, a peace like never before in her life she had felt and the desire to continue with her towards her destiny, her freedom, her fullness. She knew without speaking a word that she would lead her to the temple of Muddum.
Then she saw a glow that made her gaze away behind that dusty cloak, it seemed to shape a winged being, and then she knew that every guardian also has a protector, “the Gargoyle Angel” she thought, he would also be protecting them…
To be continue…